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The Freewill naturist blog website network was started in June 2011 after many visits, over many years to nudist beaches and walking naked in the countryside of England. I’m a naturist, I am a member of British Naturism and of a naturist club.


The primary motivation for the creation of the blog was purely to record all of our naturist adventures. At the same time I’d like to debunk some of the myths, rumours and hearsay that follows the naturist movement .We are after all, just ordinary people choosing not to wear clothes. Our activities and day to day lives are no different from most people, other than what we do or don’t wear. Naturism is fun, Being nude helps your body relax faster. When your clothes come off, so do many of the stresses of modern day life. It’s relaxing, makes you feel alive and it’s the way you were meant to be: completely natural. Being naked, especially in the great outdoors, draws one closer to mother nature. If you take the plunge you’ll bask in sun and sky as nature intended.



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2 thoughts on “The Blogger

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog and no I wasn’t looking for porn. It’s too bad that the two get mixed up on the internet.

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