New Year Greetings

A “Happy New Year” to you all and I sincerley hope that the holiday period was a good one for you all. For us and for me in particular it was a quiet one and fairly boring too,with no real jolities happening,however I go into the new year full of optimism as usual.

For Christmas I was fortunate to get the pressie I wanted, a Mountfield SP164 self proppelling petrol lawnmower from my beloved. So from now on it’ll mean no more annoying electric cable while mowing the lawn. I’ll keep the old one though for winter and first cut use.

I’m optimistic that this year will be a happy one for us both and personally I am full of hope going forward. The christmas period saw me aquire my first cactis and also a orchid that was on special offer. Later that day I also bought some succulent seeds from Wish which I hope will be the start of another project.

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Overall I have ten house plants which I hope to keep alive for as possible. It is difficult in our house as it is not particulaly well insulated and suffers a little in the cold weather with drafts. Fingers crossed that I’ve experience all my bad luch first.

This morning I decided after watching a archive gardening show from the 1980s on YouTube,that later on in the year I may try to dig a circular flower bed in the middle of the lawn as the soil is not particularly good having been filled in and generally has sunk in several places.

I will of course plan it first but i’m hopeful that it will add to the overall look and feel of the garden,should it not be such a good idea i’ll try somewhere else.

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