Postcards at Christmas ?

Monday 18th December

In just over a weeks time it’ll be Christmas day and as of yet,I haven’t sent a christmas card or bought any presents. To be honest money is tight,I have however got ideas in mind of what to buy and probably I’ll go out tomorrow after writing the few cards I’m going to send. To be honest christmas is bittersweet for me as two of my children don’t speak to me at all,probably their thoughts tainted by their mother who never was much of a giver,more of a take and keeper.


On the flip side I couldn’t be more happier with life contented in love and happy taking the risk of just being myself in life. Its might not be interesting to many who have their own agendas but I find happiness in life is more a thing of the head and heart rather than what money can buy.

All in the garden has ground to a halt and at the moment I’m lacking the inspiration to do anything other than watch TV. Last week Endeavour and Inspector Morse,this week its music,Paul McCartney,Neil Young and today “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen is a musician who hits the right notes with me and his storytelling in his songs. In the past the songs took me back to the things in life and people that had disappeared and a time I wanted to go back to. Now however I’m more content in life happier all round and I see these songs maybe as he does as “Postcards from the Past”.

“Remember all the movies, Terry

We’d go see, Trying to learn to walk like the heroes,We thought we had to be

Well after all this time, To find we’re just like all the rest,Stranded in the park

And forced to confess, To hiding on the backstreets, Hiding on the backstreets

Where we swore forever friends, On the backstreets until the end”

Its disappointing how much christmas has changed over the years and how people see it as a period of excess and partying rather than what it celebrated for almost 1900 years,the birth of Christ.

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I’m not at all religious mind you however I totally detest the greed and over indulging that Christmas has become thanks to the capitalist and moneymakers.

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