Doledrum December

So its been a period of rest and relaxation for me on the days I’ve had off so far during the last threee weeks as little has been going on in the garden and December is not really a month synonimous with naturism.

I’ve been out into the garden a couple of times both clothed and naked although the latter is never really for that long just to fill up birdfeeders or put out bread.

Its been quite pleasant to air myself occasionally from the centrally headed house the other time was clothed to cover up the garlic and onion sets and also to move some plants about.

I’ve managed to plant my bare rooted Hellebore Niger’s which I ordered from Thompson & Morgan, but other than that its been very quiet as I’ve chilled watching old episodes of Waking the Dead, Inspector Morse and Endeavour as well as some Silent Witness too.

Maybe this week I’ll sharpen some tools,mend a sleigh to put a planter on and maybe tiidy up the front before the real cold weather moves in.

Last Monday I went to visit my mum to wish her a happy birthday,before popping over to the club to out some rat poison in the back box to keep the rats and mice at bay. Fortunately in the main area there wasnt any sign although there had been in back box which is a little more open.

Maybe we might visit to see in the new year even though I’m working on New Years Day but I don’t start until 10 and work is nearer to the club than home is.

I’m steering clear of the debacle that is Brexit for now as I look around at the chaos of all kinds that is around in the world today and wonder if, the people who hold jobs of responsibility and power actually have the real people interests at heart or just their own

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