Don’t Panic Don’t Panic

So the day came for our departure and as requested we were at reception before the alotted time 8-10am to catch the transfer bus back to the airport.

After checking out the young receptionist rushed out with a piece of paper with details saying that we should have been picked up from outside Monte Marina at 7.05am.

We looked through our paperwork which said we should have called the travel office number two days before requesting to be picked up.

Having little experience in holiday travel for over 20 years we didnt see this,which was all a bit jumbled on just one piece of paper. While she paniced a little I stayed calm and said the only alternative was a taxi ride to the airport.

The taxi came we jumped in and as we drove off along the headland the driver seemed more intent using his phone than looking at the road. With one hand on the wheel and sheer drops either side,we glanced at each other in the back hoping he’d put his phone away soon.

He did allowing us to enjoy the drive of around 80 mins in the early morning sunshine. The fare cost us around €90 he was though delighted with the €10 tip as we were that we’d made it in good time.

The flight of around 3 hours and 40 minutes passed uneventfully and after around another 60 minutes we were safely back at home already reminising about our time away.

6Within days we started thinking about another holiday,maybe in March at Charco del Palo in Lanzarote before putting it on temporary hold,once we see what happens with the Brexit perlarver.

The Last Day

So we got to Friday and what was to be our last full day of a very realxing enjoyable holiday.We got up fairly early and headed over for Breakfast at 8am.

To be honest it was included in the price but by now we’d grown tired of the cold meats and cheese so it was just a free meal.

After breakfast we headed back to the appartment had a brief sunbathe before heading off to the pool to grab the rays this being the last chance to top up our by now golden brown all over tans.

Again it was nice and warm and we had a relaxing day before heading back mid afternoon.We packed a few bits in our suitcase before heading out to the friendly Marabu restaurant next door.

This time I had the Octopus,which was delicous of course followed by desert,before we relaxed with more cocktails at Bar Safari.

We then went back packed a few more bits before turning in ahead of our early start the next day,which was as it turned out anything but straightforward.

Mid-Week Sunseekers

Wednesday was another full day of sunshine and for a change we decided to stay around the pool and rid ourselfs of the sand which seems to get everywhere. The pool is salt water and has a reading room and a sauna nearby.

The area is weĺl appointed and has approximately 20 sunbeds and some metal umbrellas which have delightful thatched tops.

The Monte Marina Naturist Resort is a 3 star resort complex which comprises of 63 well styled rooms.

We sunbathed in sessions of around an hour before taking a welcoming dip to cool off,it was a delightful morning before we went back for lunch and stayed on the terrace for the rest of the day.

In the evening we decided to venture out along the coast and explore the local town so we booked a taxi and headed off towards Morro Jable.

Morro Jable is a town on the south coast of Fuerteventura, one of Spain’s Canary Islands. It’s known for its beaches, like vast Playa del Matorral, with its Morro Jable Lighthouse and the skeleton of a sperm whale.

Morro Jable Wharf is home to the Turtle Nursery, which shelters loggerhead turtles before their release into the wild. North of town is Jandía Natural Park, with dunes, volcanic peaks and rich birdlife.

The seven main Canary islands are (from largest to smallest in area) Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

While we were there we had some drinks at a bar called Treffpunkt Jandia,dinner at Meson Don Pedro restaurant and some cocktails at the Oasis Bar.

It was a good evening and it was busy too for a change. We soaked up the atmosphere before returning at around 10 o’clock and turning in soon after.

Thursday was to be another beach day and it was just as pleasant as the other and just as hot, we stripped off walked further along the beach dipping our toes in the surf.

Then after about 15 minutes we found a suitable stone circle,put down our towels and enjoyed the rest of the day, reading and enjoying the glorious sunshine as well as periodically going for a dip in the ocean.

With still another night to stretch our spending money over,we decided to cook in the appartment and had a pasta mix,with squid,tuna,giats cheese and some vegetables mixed in.

All washed down with the welcome wine that we’d not yet sampled and had for about a week. It tasted alright as did the meal which was filling and relatively inexpensive too.

It was about this point I’d finished reading my Bob Dylan autobiography ‘Chronicles’ which was enlightening in typical Bob Dylan style “Told the Tale..but gave little away”

Sun & Showers

Monday was a day just like the previous two, we did very little and it was relatively warm, unfortunatly the sun didn’t make much of an appearance and mixed in with it, was the odd shower or two.

Undaunted after breakfast we stayed naked for the rest of the day until the evening,just lazing around on the terrace reading,drinking tea and coffee and relaxing after a few busy months.

In the evening we visited Bar Safari once more, this time enjoying a pizza bread, some drinks and watching the football.

The game was Aston Villa against West Ham which was goalless and had much less sparkle than the drinks we were consuming.

Tuesday saw a return to the glorious weather of the weekend, so we once again visted the beach and took in some more sun and frolicked in the sea avoiding most of the big waves.

The climate on Fuerteventura is pleasant throughout the year. The island is hence referred to as the “Island of Eternal Spring.”

The sea regulates air temperature, diverting hot Sahara winds away from the island,so its pleasant for those people like us from slightly cooler climbs.

In the evening we decided to have an upmarket meal and visited the Marabu Restaurant which was located next door to our naturist hotel.

They served fantastic food I had swordfish while she had octopus,it was just delightful.

Beach Freedom

Our first full day began with glorious sunshine and a temperature around 20°C so we had coffee on the sun terrace without any need to dress.

At around 8 we went over for breakfast which consisted of a cold meat platters,fruit,toast and bread as well as eggs if you wanted them. Being a german owned hotel you also had swèet things and croissants too.

Coffee and a whole range of teas were available but strangely enough not the normal type we drink at home. The view from the hotels balcony was wonderful looking as it does over the beach, which was going to be our next destinaton after we’d grabbed our bag.

Being a textile hotel where we had breakfast, we had to dress and in the streets leading to the beach. Once we had navigated the steep cliff path however, we could slip out of our clothes enjoying the sea and the hot sun where naturists and textile mix without any problem.

On Fuertaventura beaches there are many stone circles, which have been built out of volcanic rock which are great to sunbathe in out of the wind. We noticed many people in shorts and swimwear walking up the shoreline,then striping off to go into the sea naked leaving their clothes on the beach.

The day on the beach was a hot one but enjoyable, with the sea having a cooling effect every now and then, so we didnt overheat.

In the evening we ventured out to Bar Safari opposite the main hotel and enjoyed some cooling drinks.

We shall be released…

Released from the drudge of everyday life called work,released from the goings on at home and the pantomine that is politics. First and foremost I’ve not had some out of mind experience we’ve just gone away on holiday for a week in far away foreign climbs.

Thankfully the pilot strikes and the failure of Thomas Cook failed to stop us as we enjoyed seven days of almost unbroken sunshine in Fuertaventura. This was to be our first foreign holiday together as well as our first foreign naturist holiday.

We’d grown tired of many horribly wet,windy and cold camping holidays in England where the poor weather seemed to follow us around. Most times it was difficult just to keep warm with our clothes on let alone naked.

We left early on Saturday morning for Stansted at around 2.45am for our flight which was due to depart at 6.10. After checking in our luggage there was time for a pint at The Windmill (a Wetherspoons)just by the departure gate. It was suprising that the prices were city prices,so we only had the one.

We boarded the aeroplane and left on time on our Ryanair 737 bound for Fuertaventura’s El Matorral Airport.The flight was uneventful and we arrived in gloroius sunshine at around 11 o’clock then proceed to catch the transfer bus to our resort at Playa de Esquinzo.

We were staying at the Monte Marina Playa hotel in the naturist section which just is over the road from the main hotel complex. We checked in got our electronic keys crossed the road and entered our apartment which was to be our home for a week at about noon.

It was a delightfully clean modern apartment so we unpacked after of course undressing.We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing taking in the rays and enjoying the warm sunshine (28°c).

In the evening we ventured out to the bars which unfortunatly were not naturist and enjoyed some refreshment and also some food which was by way of a help yourself buffet.

Embrace your nakedness….

For the next couple of weeks the weather forecast is supposed to be getting better so why not enjoy yourself and head for the beach ?

How often do you just hang out naked? Maybe padding around your house in the nude is normal to you, a pro in spending time in your own skin. Maybe you share your home with housemates and live for those elusive moments of quiet when everyone’s out and you have the place to yourself, delighting in the novelty of swanning around without a stitch on like you bloody own the place. Or maybe, being naked really isn’t your thing: it can feel exposing, vulnerable or too much to take in, even if you’re alone.

Well, in the spirit of embracing ourselves just as we are, we’re stripping back and stripping off to get comfortable with our bodies in the purist sense. As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing more beautiful than the female form and if you feel like getting more in touch with yours, we’ve found a very freeing way to do it.

Although Britain might not be the first place you think of for a beach holiday, the UK is actually home to a wealth of sandy dunes and dramatic coastlines that would put the Maldives to shame (well, kind of). What’s more, a surprising number of them are nudist friendly, making them the perfect place to get your kit off in a setting designed for it: after all, walking down Oxford Street starkers could get you in a spot of bother.

We’ve picked our favourites from a selection of locations across the country and think heading to one is not only a great excuse for a staycation, but could be a new way to reconnect with yourself.

Perran Bay, Cornwall

You’ll find the golden sands of Perranporth on Cornwall’s north coast. This gorgeous beach is pretty huge, and is backed by the dunes of Penhale Sands. Naturists are invited to use the northern part of the three-mile long beach, but not the dunes, and beach patrol are in operation to ensure the rules are stuck to. If you’re into surfing, be sure to bring your board, as the beach is known for some pretty good waves (although we’d recommend wearing a wet suit for that!).

Morfa Dyffryn, Wales

The sandy dunes of Morfa Dyffryn are the perfect place to peel off your clothes when the sun comes out, being recognised as one of Wales’ prettiest nudist beaches and attracting attention from nudists all over the world. It sits on the outskirts of Dyffryn Ardudwy, a small village in the area of Gwynedd, which serves as a peaceful escape for anyone hoping to escape the city. It sits alongside a few other villages, and has some fascinating historical sites, like the Grade II listed St Dwywe’s Church. It has been built on an ancient mound, and is said to sit at the tip of a straight line which runs through the area, suspected to be a prehistoric man made structure relating to the summer solstice.

Studland Bay, Dorset
This spectacular coastline is full of dramatic rock faces and sandy dunes, perfect for an afternoon stroll in the buff. This Dorset naturist hot spot is one of the most popular in the country according to the National Trust.

Brighton Beach, East Sussex
If there was ever to be a city with a nudist beach, it would be Brighton. This progressive, flamboyant and utterly free pocket of England is known for its thriving LGBTQ+ community and encourages all those who visit to embrace their true selves. So, it doesn’t surprise us that it’s actually home to the first nudist beach in the UK, opening in 1980.

Cleats Shore, Isle of Arran
Scotland’s chilly conditions might not sound the most appealing when considering places to go for a clothe-less roam, but Cleats Shore’s spotless sands might be enough to change your mind.

Porthzennor Cove, Cornwall
The rocks at Porthzennor Cove not only contribute to the striking coast line, but they also shelter the beach from harsh south-west winds. Maybe that’s why this sandy spot has become an unofficial naturist beach, protecting those who embrace going au naturale there from getting too nippy.

Budleigh Salterton, Devon
Devon’s Budleigh Salterton beach is characterised by its two kilometers of pebbles that acts as the mouth of the famous Jurassic Coast. Although pretty to look at, make sure you don’t slip as we can’t imagine they’d be the softest landing spot while in the nude. The area has a fascinating history, with climbing sandstone formations that date back to the Triassic period, about 240 million years ago. Because of this, and the beaches three cafes, it tends to be a pretty popular spot with tourists – but don’t worry, the far western area is one of Devon’s most popular spots for naturists too.

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